Picnics to delight your guests and wow your kids.

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Based in Warrington, Cheshire, Little Wicker Picnics is a picnic catering company that's on a mission to help you delight your guests with scrumptious picnic goodies presented in gorgeously crafted packaging designed just for your occasion—whether it’s a birthday, slumber party, holiday celebration, or any other special event.

Why a picnic party?

Because they're AMAZING!
Picnic food gives you so much flexibility - you can take your party anywhere and enjoy it no matter what the weather is like!

How can we help You?

Pulling off the perfect day is hard work! We know mums (and dads) are really secret superheroes – capable of doing it all – but Little Wicker Picnics aims to help ease your load. We'll handle the catering so that you can relax and enjoy the day a bit more. You deserve it!

Choosing your picnic

Choose from one of our set menus in a choice of wicker hampers, hand decorated party bags or eco-friendly boxes. Or ask us to create an entirely new menu just for you.  Find out more.

Picnic Packages

Whatever the occasion, you're sure to find the perfect picnic at Little Wicker Picnics.

Need more info?

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