Kids Party Packages

We provide more than just food. We provide a magical eating experience that captivates the hearts and imagination of children and parents alike.

Birthday Hampers

Our Picnic Hampers are individually sized wicker hampers that are lined and provided on a hired basis with all hire and cleaning costs included in the price. 
Each hamper contains 1 main, 1 drink & 6 other items of food (have a look at our menu option and let us know which items you’d like).

Minimum order of 5 hampers. 

Kids Catering

Our Party Bags are perfect for all occasions and are custom made to suit your theme. 

Each Party Bag consist of 1 main, 1 drink & 3 other items of food (have a look at our menu options and let us know which you’d like). 

Minimum order of 5 bags. 

Also included in our Party Bags and Picnic Hampers are any cutlery that might be needed along with a napkin & a small edible gift for the birthday girl or boy.

Extra food items can be added onto your order for an additional 50p per item.

Customised food labels and packaging come as standard because we aim to deliver more than just food – we aim to captivate the hearts and imagination of children and adults alike! Just let us know at the time you make your booking what colour scheme or party theme you have in mind.

*Please note that the price includes the hire cost of the wicker hampers and any glassware along with free delivery and collection for parties held in Warrington with a WA4 post code. If you would like to purchase the wicker hampers you may do so for an additional £6 per hamper. 

Menu options:


  • Sandwich cut into triangles (no crusts)*
  • Soft roll*
  • Croissant*
  • Pasta Salad with or without bacon (ribbon bow pasta, tomato pasta sauce, cherry tomato halves, sweetcorn & spinach leaves)
  • Onigiri (Japanese rice parcels filled with tuna mayo)

*filling options: ham / cheese / ham & cheese / cream cheese / cucumber / jam / chocolate spread


  • Crisps (Pom Bear, Quavers or Wotsits)
  • Mini sausage rolls
  • Cocktail sausages
  • Mini pork pie
  • Mini quiche (vegetarian)
  • Crudités & dip (red pepper, carrot & cucumber with a choice of houmous or cheese & chive dip)
  • Cheese, tomato & salami stick
  • Cheddar cheese & crackers
  • Homemade potato salad


  • Petit Filous (big pot) & wooden spoon
  • Pot of jelly & wooden spoon
  • Pot of sliced grapes
  • Strawberries
  • Triple chocolate brownie
  • Chocolate tiffin (chocolate, biscuits, raisins & glace cherries)
  • Rocky road
  • Rolo cookie bar
  • Rice Krispies cake
  • Marshmallows twizzle (3 marshmallows on a stick, dipped in chocolate and decorated)


  • Bottle of still water
  • Bottle of strawberry flavoured water
  • Robinson’s Fruitshoot (blackcurrant and apple)
  • Carton of apple juice
  • Carton of orange juice

Optional extras

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